Website Updating - Site Built By Me

It's the roaring 20's - and things are changing!

The biggest change in business & technology is that you need a website.

5 years ago, many businesses could get away with using social media and never have a website.

eCommerce has grown from $1.66 billion to $5.2 trillion in the last 5 years. And it's expected to grow by 56% in the next 5 years.

Books are one of the fastest growing industries online. The advent of eReaders and multiple media-reading apps has set the world of authors afire.

I can build a beautiful website for you. I can guarantee it will be easy to use and my prices are very competitive.

THE UPDATE DEAL (for a site built by me):


5 Hours Website Updating
-----I update my clients weekly to let them know how much time is left.
-----Website Update Hours Expire 6 months from purchase date

Science Fiction
Romance (Sweet)
Romance (Steamy)
Paranormal/Urban Fantasy
Young Adult
Cozy Mystery
Christian Fiction
Women's Fiction
Self-Help/Personal Development
Non-Fiction (General)
Fiction (General)
Most genres (just ask!)