Dial a Scientist

Not sure whether you can trust Google, but still need answers to your burning questions? Do you wish the "phone a friend" gameshow call worked for your books?

Dial a scientist!

With my background in scientific research and education, as well as a passion for trivia and accuracy, I'm well-equipped to answer some of your most niche questions. And when I don't know the answer off the top of my head, I have the tools and resources to pull together the information necessary to resolve your query. My personal areas of expertise include wildlife behavior and conservation; animal care in zoos, aquariums, and agriculture as well as applicable regulations; K-12 education systems in the USA; and scientific research methods in chemistry, biology, and physics. I hold a master's degree in environmental science and have conducted animal welfare research, sensory environment testing including seismic activity and sound pressure, wetland assessment, and currently work in the field of science outreach education.

A "project" covers 1 hour of research to answer your question(s) and you will receive a notated list of sources when applicable. To provide the best service and support possible, please send me a general idea of your questions and project scope for an accurate pricing quote.

Science Fiction
Romance (Sweet)
Romance (Steamy)
Paranormal/Urban Fantasy
Young Adult
Cozy Mystery
Christian Fiction
Women's Fiction
Self-Help/Personal Development
Non-Fiction (General)
Fiction (General)
Most genres (just ask!)