We will make you 12 Amazon ads!

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No time to learn Amazon ads? No problem! Let us do the heavy lifting for you!

Trained firsthand by the Amazon ads diva Alana Terry, our team of experts will create a dozen campaigns based on your budget and goals.

Sign up today and we'll set you up with a dozen ads for your book or series!

How It Works:

  • We'll send you instructions to connect your Amazon ads dashboard to our manager account. Then we'll reach out to learn more about your book and your marketing goals to set the budget will work best for your books.

  • You'll pay Amazon for your ad spend, but we'll research your targets, create your campaigns, and monitor them for about 4-6 weeks until we're ready to hand back to you.

  • When that happens, we'll also provide you with a short informational video so you can keep your ads running even after we're done!

Is this for me?

We're really good at setting up Amazon ads! Really good.

But we can't wave a magic wand and make people buy your book ... that's the job of your book cover, blurb, and sales page!

This deal is for 1 book or 1 series (up to 12 books total).

Please note that Amazon may reject ads for certain genres and subject matter. Please review https://advertising.amazon.com/resources/ad-policy/creative-acceptance with specific questions.

Our service works best for authors with a great cover, great reviews, and who already have some sales and traction on Amazon. It's also easier (but not essential) to make a profit if you have a series, not just a single title, for us to promote.

The good news? You don't need a huge budget to get started.

Want us to take a look at your sales page beforehand so you can optimize your descriptions before we run your ads? Book this deal first! https://marketplace.successfulwriter.net/en/listings/1908693-detailed-sales-page-critique

Let's work together to see what Amazon ads can do for you!

Information to start package must be provided within 30 days of purchase.

Science Fiction
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Romance (Steamy)
Paranormal/Urban Fantasy
Young Adult
Cozy Mystery
Christian Fiction
Women's Fiction
Self-Help/Personal Development
Non-Fiction (General)
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Most genres (just ask!)