Let us build your Shopify store!

Relax and watch your profit margins rise!

Have you been dreaming about starting your own Shopify store but don’t know where to start? No time to learn all the techy stuff? No worries ~ help is here!

Let us take the stress off your shoulders and do the hard part for you.

Sign up today, and we’ll take care of everything you need to start selling your books directly to your readers!

How It Works:

• We'll send you a form for you to tell us about your brand and your books. This build package includes up to 10 ebooks.
• You’ll need a Bookfunnel account to get started, with your books and files loaded there before we start.
• We'll make your home page and make product pages for up to 10 ebooks. We'll also make sure that Bookfunnel automatically delivers these books to your customers.
- Ownership of the store is 100% yours to run after set-up.

Is This for Me?

If you’d like to…
• Get paid for your books in 1-3 days (not 2-3 MONTHS)
• Stop sharing 30% of your royalties with a company that doesn’t care about you.
• Receive the email addresses of everyone who buys your books and engage directly with your readers.
• Stop putting all your eggs in one retailer’s basket.
Then this deal is for YOU!

What's not included?
Any customization beyond one brand color, paperback or audio uploads, teaching or coaching, and maintenance.

Let us make your Shopify store so you can do what you love most…WRITE!