AMMO Tech Setup

A special offer for students in Steve Pieper's AMMO direct sales program!

AMMO students can now rejoice! We'll handle the tech startup for you so you can focus on scaling your direct sales funnels!

Here's what you get:

-We will set up your accounts on Unbounce (landing page builder), Klaviyo (email provider), Mouseflow (visitor tracking software), and Shopify (sales platform).

-We will connect each piece of software to each other exactly the way Steve explains it in the AMMO course. (Based on many authors' experience, this will save you ** weeks worth of work!**)

-We will connect your Facebook pixel to your websites exactly as Steve explains it in the AMMO course. We will need your help getting some information from your Facebook account, but we’ll walk you through the whole process.

-We will connect your domain to the software exactly as Steve explains it in the AMMO course. We will need to verify that you have the ability to log into the software where you purchased your domain, or we can jump on a 15-minute call with you to help you with this step.

Fine print!

*This service is for paid students in Steve's course. If you're not enrolled yet, you sign up here

These services are not included:*

-Ongoing tech support (once we hand your software logins back to you, it's up to you to use them as Steve teaches in the course)

-Facebook ads creation (this is an important part of the testing process and we cannot accomplish it for you)

-Facebook ads tech help

-Landing page customization: Your Unbounce account will have Steve's templates exactly as they are given to students in the course. It'll be up to you to add your own graphics, headlines, etc. (Steve walks you through these steps later on in the course)

-Email customization: If you want your emails to have your brand colors, certain wording, etc, you will add this yourself (Steve walks you through these steps later on in the course)

-Payments for your software: We will set you up on free trials for the software you’ll be using. When we hand the software back to you, it will be your responsibility to update your billing information and start paying any monthly fees.

*Shopify & Bookfunnel setup: We will set up a Shopify store to connect with your email service provider to save you a step later on, but the store will appear exactly as the out-of-the-box Shopify template until you customize it. You can ask us about our additional service to create your Shopify home page, add your books as products, and connect them to your Bookfunnel account, however this service is provided at an additional cost and is not part of the basic tech package.

Ready? Let's chat!

Book this service here, or use the message button if you have any questions!

We can't wait to work with you!